Final Workshop 16

Between June 12th and 21st, 2016 the Budapest NARIP staff team and students organised final workshop event for the students and staff of the second year’s NARIP project course. After successfully implemented CODEVE methodology into the virtual new product development course in the first project year, it was time to fine tune the methodology and prepare a comprehensive set of learning material and guidelines for such project in the future. These guidelines and learning material is available from 2016 project output webpage for free.

Besides, in the summer semester of 2015-2016 students worked according to this guidelines to develop and materialise design assignment which was contributed by NARIP industrial partner Philips Lightning into working prototypes. The task was to develop products which would support and ease daily activities of elderly population around the world. The use of smart light lightning system produced by industrial partner was promoted, but not obligatory.

During the final workshop week the students, staff and company representatives gathered finally together at one place, in Budapest, Hungary, where they assembled together the physical working prototypes of new developed products. This year the project hosted also students and teacher from West Hungary University from Sopron, Hungary.

The meeting is following the strict programme, but dedicating also free afternoons to explore the city and make new friends. Some of these moments were also caught by Twitter and Instagram.

Final Workshop Schedule:

Sunday – 12th June
The staff and students are expected to arrive to Budapest on Sunday. Zsófi will pick up the staff (Danubius Hotel Flamenco), Judit will pick up the students (Shantee House) at their accommodations and guide them to the opening dinner, which will take place in a nearby restaurant (Roxane Café – 1119 Budapest, Csorbai u. 3/c). Pickup time is Sunday 19.00!

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Monday to Friday – 13th-17th June
Both the staff and the students will get breakfast at their accommodations. Judit will pick up the students and guide them to the University. Pickup time is Monday 8.30!
During the week, students are expected to arrive at the university at 9.00. Each team will have a desk and chairs for office works and small assembly at the Design Lab. In the same building, there is a workshop where further manufacturing and large assembly can take place. Please bring “working clothes” with yourselves which can get greasy and dusty – long sleeves and long pants are basic requirements!

For lunch and dinner, there are plenty of options around the University: cafeterias with hot meals, buffets with sandwiches and snack and there is a kebab place on every corner. Please ask your Hungarian teammates to show you around!

During the evening you’ll have free time to get to know your teammates better and explore Budapest. On Tuesday and Thursday evening, we can have casual program in the city together – this is not an obligatory program, but we would be very happy to spend some free time together.

The two important deadlines are:
1. Poster deadline: Wednesday at 14.00 CET
2. Presentation deadline: Friday at 19.00 CET
Submissions should be made electronically by placing the posters and presentations on BSCW server in the correct folder.
At the end of each day, at 18:00, there will be a team meeting to discuss any problems and evaluate the progress.

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Saturday – 18th June
After a hard week, on Saturday we are inviting you for a leisure day, a nice trip. A bus will take the entire team for a whole day trip. The final destination depends on the weather – you will get more information during the week.

Sunday – 19th June
Sunday will be your last day to work on your prototypes and this is the time for the preparation for the exhibition! The presentations and exhibition will take place in building K., you will have access to work on your exhibition place on Friday and Sunday.

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Monday – 20th June
On Monday morning the presentations will take place. From 9:30 there will be an academic presentation, this is similar to your previous 3 phase presentations, you will get 30 minutes per team including discussion (20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Questions & Answers). After a short lunch break you can do a final touch of the exhibition area and we will open the exhibition at 14:00 and the public presentation will start (5 minutes presentation per team and speeches of professors). Celebrating an incredibly successful day, a closing dinner will take place at Trófea Grill Restaurant (1117 Budapest, Hauszmann Alajos u. 6/b.)

*The whole program of the closing workshop will be broadcasted through the Videoconferencing System to all five universities involved in the project. Students, staff and visitors are invited to attend ask questions and follow the whole program.

Tuesday – 21st June
In the morning the students can explore Budapest or just have a well-deserved lazy day while the staff will have the Transnational Project Meeting at the University. In the afternoon will be the departure of staff and students.