Industrial partners

BetterLife Innovations Ltd.

BetterLife is a start-up company whose aim is to consider the relatively everyday challenges that consumers face and develop new solutions that will improve their product experiences. These innovative solutions may come from engineering better design, introducing new technology or simply re-inventing an existing product to make it more affordable. The focus of our activities is towards the elderly in society and on the everyday problems they face because we believe that, whilst each small improvement may not be life changing, the cumulative effect can be significant. We include in the scope of our thinking not just the elderly but also their companion animals because for many older people their pet represents a constant in an increasingly isolated life.

Supporting partners

The focus of BetterLife is on developing innovative product solutions which can be across varied market sectors so market access can be equally varied. The preferred solution is to develop close strategic partnerships with specialist distributors who have similar aims and values partner to BetterLife. This process is on-going but in the UK we have formed an exclusive relationship with Oaktree Mobility.