2017 Outputs

The third NARIP project year resulted in numbers of addition intellectual outputs, which are available from the following table:

No.OUTPUTS Description Language
1NARIP 2017 Year Three Output - Introduction and Overview.pdf Intellectual output of NARIP team for the third year of the project is presented as the collection of files developed through the project realisation. This document briefs the documentation set. EN
2NARIP 2017 course schedule.pdf Complete year-three project schedule EN
3NARIP-2017_IT-guide.pdf All the necessary information and guidelines for students on usage of official course server and VC equipment and software for communication. EN
4NARIP-2017 Mobility_scooter-project_assignment_2017.pdf This document is the initial description of the project and company objectives EN
5NARIP 2017 1st project review feedback Feedback from all teachers (coaches) on presentations students made for first project review. EN
6NARIP 2017 official checklists for student deliverables of second phase At the beginning of the second phase students are given detailed instruction, how to proceed and what to deliver in the second project phase EN
7NARIP 2017 2nd project review feedback Feedback from teachers (coaches) on reports and presentations students made for second project review. EN
8NARIP 2017 3rd project review feedback Feedback documents from company representatives and teachers (coaches) on reports and presentations students made for third project review. EN
9Our Story – short videos Short video compilations of students' workshop experience. EN
10NARIP 2017 preparation for workshop document.pdf Document, which describes in details what are expected outputs of the team during the final workshop in London EN
11NARIP 2017 final workshop information booklet.pdf All necessary information and guidelines for students for final workshop week in London – detailed schedule, locations, local traveling, etc. EN
12NARIP 2017 students final reports of the project.zip Collection of 6 reports, one per each team, covering the whole process of the student project. EN
13NARIP 2017 students final presentations of the project.zip Collection of presentation, one per team, explaining the outputs of their design process. EN
14NARIP 2017 students and staff posters for the final presentation.zip Collection of 14 technical, marketing and staff posters EN
15NARIP 2017 workshop flyers.zip Collection of all 6 teams' flyers, which were designed and distributed for the final exhibition in London in June 2017. EN
16NARIP 2017 third year project experience.pdf Analysis of third year new product development task. EN

No.LECTURE SLIDES Description Language
12017_01_23-NARIP_2017_Intro_Powel.pdf The company presentation and project assignment - mr. John Powel EN
22017_01_23-NARIP_2017_Introduction_Kovacevic.pdf The general introduction of the course - first lecture delivered to third year students - prof. Kovacevic EN
3NARIP 2017 design process and deliverables.pdf Introductory lecture containing detailed explanation of all project phases and expected deliverables from students, presentation of CODEVE methodology. - dr. Vukasinovic EN
4NARIP 2017 Considering the needs of the consumer Samantha Sham presented a lecture about considering customers' needs. EN
5NARIP 2017 marketing in NPD dr. Nusa Fain presented the role of marketing in new product development process. EN
6NARIP 2017 PD Process and organization.pdf General introduction and the basic theoretical background about product development process. - prof. Dorian Marjanović EN
72017_02_20-NARIP-MarkMilhench_IP_Lecture.pdf Lecture on how to protect your ideas and intellectual outputs. - mr. Mark Milhench EN
82017_02_23_NARIP-Costs_Kovacevic.pdf Lecture on how to predict, control, and manage design related costs. EN
9Composite_aeronautical_structures_Smojver.pdf Designing of composite structures. EN
10Design hints for the aging society.pdf Lecture providing design guidelines for aging society - dr. Sanja Bencetić. EN
11DOMEL Electric Drives and Motors.pdf Lecture on principles and selection of electric drives and motors. EN
12PP foam material.pdf A brief lecture about polypropylene foam materials. EN
132017_04_20-NARIP-City_Control_Lecture.pdf An Introduction to Basic Control Concepts. EN
14NARIP 2017 Detail design.pdf Lecture on why and how to finalize your design to perfection. EN
15Manufacturing Facilities City.pdf Lecture on prototype manufacturing facilities at City University of London. EN
16Principles of designing lightweight bikes.pdf Fabian Mark presented his experience with design of lightweight bikes. EN

1DEI 2017 Conference presentation Stanko Škec and Dorian Marjanović, Dani e-infrastrukture – Srce DEI 2017 (Days of E-infrastructure – Srce DEI 2017) presentation at the conference HR
2ICED 2017 Conference presentation Roman Žavbi, Vanja Čok and Nikola Vukašinović, Correlation between team composition and team performance in virtual student product development teams. In proceedings of ICED 2017 Design Conference EN

No.MEDIA Description Language
1Note on NARIP 2017 workshop at Slovenian Press Agency Public announcement and invitation to the final workshop of third project year. Published on the webpage of Slovenian Press Agency SI
2City University of London web-page announcement Announcement of NARIP 2017 workshop and comprehensive presentation of this ERASMUS+ success story. EN
3LinkedIn post about NARIP 2017 workshop in London Public announcement and invitation to the final workshop of third project year. Published on LinkedIn EN

No.FINAL WORKS Description Language
1NARIP2017-FinalWork-Vajdic.pdf Official description will be added soon SI
2NARIP2016-FinalWork-Brili.pdf Official description will be added soon SI